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Aitealium will create, articulate, own, and drive the vision to completion.


We provide an end-to-end program management framework, coordinating your in-house talent and guiding them toward your goal.


The data and the decision maker must collaborate to deliver innovative solutions and business insights. 

Recent projects completed:

Platform Data Transitions/Migrations

The movement of data from one system to another is an opportunity to disinherit legacy data issues. 


Before migrating, we provide a detailed data profiling discovery report containing the following elements:


1 - Structure: Validating that formats are consistent, correct and where aggregated can be reconciled. It helps understand data integrity,

For example: Which Cusip/ISIN records do not meet defined character lengths?


2 - Content: Looking into individual records to discover errors or systemic issues such as incomplete records or missing data attributes.

For example: Which regulated Swift messages are omitting required tags?


3 - Relationship: Understanding how components of the data are interrelated.

For example: Key relationships and commonality between database tables to references between cells in a spreadsheet.


Your business can use data profiling and the insights it produces to continuously improve the quality of your data and measure the results.

Regulatory Reporting

Global regulators continue to refine their processes to achieve greater transparency and consistency by implementing changes to the data and infrastructure that underpins all regulatory reporting.
The overhaul of key reports requires new attributes, calculations and aggregations, with the expectation that all returns cross-reconcile.
We help improve the control framework around regulatory reporting by focusing on critical areas:
1 - Controls: Implementing preventative and detective control checks to 'manage by exception' ensures all problems are visible, escalated and resolved.
For example: Is the asset allocation in your APRA reporting consistent with your calculated investment exposure?
2 - Reduce risk: Remove the reliance on spreadsheets for producing regulatory returns, and reduce the risk of misrepresentation and costly resubmissions.
For example: Providing evidence and assurance that your business reporting & regulatory reporting are using the same data source.
3 - Taxonomies: Validating against the regulator's taxonomies reduces the risk of reporting errors.
For example: Identifying and removing special characters or trailing spaces, and reporting benchmark variances on expected versus actual.
Your people, processes and data are all required to create a robust regulatory reporting framework.

ESG initiatives

In addition to readily accessible internal data, Environmental, social and governance frameworks can supplement third-party external data to strengthen their ethical investing. These sources are often fragmented and available across multiple domains.
We help integrate ESG into your systems, processes and your core strategy. For example:
1 - Vendor data: Combines your costly vendor data with your business data to derive greater insight. Helping get the best out of your financial data providers.
2 - External managers: Extract data from your external providers, whether the data resides on a website, PDF statement, or API.
We also make use of this data to uplift your processes.
3 - Sustainability news sites: Polling news sites or social media platforms for all ESG matters that may consider you or your investment strategy.
Your approach to unlocking data can help drive your ESG initiatives and provide reputational and competitive advantages.

We also provide:

  Cashflow analysis

  • Provide lifecycle analysis on your cash flow process to optimise and provide flexibility on your investment strategy.

  Security analysis and diversification:

  • Detailed analysis that your investments align with your PDS and portfolio objectives.

  Portfolio objectives and risk parameters:

  • Enriching product information with critical portfolio risk indicators and constraints.

  Process discovery and business process re-engineering:

  • Finding end-to-end automation and data enrichment opportunities across multiple lines of business and external parties. 

We are always looking for innovative ways to use data to align your people, business processes and governance frameworks.

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