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Aitealium puts your SMEs first.

We align organisation resources with the insight and tools to establish its digital transformation.

We established our company with an awareness that creating partnerships and building relationships with business resources should be a priority, and solutions must meet technical requirements in parallel with business needs. 
We aim to correlate and enrich your SME knowledge with a complete data solution. 
We are an operational data team to unify your business.

How we serve our clients

Our engagements typically consist of a 'paired' resource:

  • One is to source the requirements, implement change management, and create a perception of the problem.

  • One is to provide the analysis necessary to validate or challenge that perception with data.

Our consultants:

  • Individually have greater than 20 years of banking and financial services industry experience.

  • Hold technical and business qualifications relevant to the industry serviced and the service performed.

 Our team have held a variety of positions:

  • Managing global cross-business initiatives across all aspects of the trading lifecycle.

  • Leading regulatory projects of material significance.

  • Developing international data collection hubs with visualisation dashboard layers.

  • Managing large-scale multi-platform data transitions across multiple business lines and jurisdictions





We find the narrative story behind the data, process and people.
Our goal is to turn data into information and information into insight.

If your business operates outside Financial Services, we are happy to discuss your requirements to determine if we can help you achieve your objectives.

Our Partners


Alteryx powers analytics for all with the leading Analytics Automation Platform. Alteryx enables easy end-to-end automation of data engineering, analytics, reporting, machine learning, and data science processes.

What our clients are saying

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