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Providing a bridge between business and technology

Aitealium supports financial sector institutions by transforming the performance and health of their business by connecting data to operational knowledge and experience.


We define and translate the problem and take your business on the data journey.

  • Alternative Funds and Off-Market

  • Compliance Reporting

  • Custodian Data

  • External Fund Managers

  • Investment Data - ABOR/IBOR

  • Market Data

  • Middle Office

  • Performance and Risk Analytics

  • Regulatory Reporting

Aitealium operates across all key segments within the Financial Services Industry:

  • Asset Managers

  • Custodians

  • Fund Managers

  • Life Insurers

  • Investment Banks

  • Retail Banking

  • Settlement Agencies and Brokers

  • Superannuation Funds

  • Transfer Agencies

  • Trustees

  • Wealth Managers

Aitealium provides data solutions for:


We adapt to business operating models, governance frameworks and development implementation cycles utilising agile principles.


We target our delivery model directly at the first point of contact for where operational issues get identified - the BAU or end user.

Change initiators

Our consultations can include a proposed change management remediation plan with vendor engagement on your behalf.

Executive summary

We open discussions across leadership teams, highlighting the potential return on investment by adopting an analytical culture.

Tactical Solutions

We approach tactical and remediation projects from a user perspective.   

We believe it's important to go step-by-step and to start with a simple use case showing tangible results (i.e., a proof of concept).


We can provide low-code prototypes to allow your business to learn and grasp the value that data can bring - with fast, scalable insights delivered faster than a traditional dev-ops team.

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Strategic Solutions

With rapid technology advances making it problematic to prioritise the implementation of lasting solutions and infrastructure, we approach a Strategic Solution as an organic extension of a Tactical Solution. 


We develop our tactical prototypes and proofs-of-concept with awareness of transferring into your existing framework or domain, with synergy to the current data program.

Trusted Among Industry Leaders

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